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In-Service 2018 Training Exam for CCEP Fellows

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  • On-Demand

Release Date: 4/30/2018

Expiration Date: 4/30/2019

  • Participation - no CE credit: 0


Available to Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Program Directors
For their CCEP Fellows in Training following year one of a two year program*

Price: $300

Fellows must complete the exam between May 30 and June 30, 2018

The In-Service Training Exam consists of 100 questions collected from over 36 international experts in the EP field. This comprehensive assessment covers the essential EP competency areas for CCEP Fellows In Training as outlined in the ABIM certification exam blueprint. The exam is to be completed unproctored, at the Fellow's own pace during the exam window. The exam results will provide a benchmark for both the individual and the program following year one of training of a two year program.

Price includes licenses for up to four rising second-Year EP Fellows in training and the CCEP Administrator Dashboard. More than one Administrator can be added.

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  • Following purchase, the CCEP Program Director or Coordinator (Administrator) gains access to their Program Dashboard, from which invitations can be sent either to invite another Administrator to the Dashboard, or to invite Fellows to take the exam
  • Those invited will receive a system generated invitation with a link to activate their account and give them access (for administrators to the Dashboard or for fellows to the Exam)The window to complete the examination is May 30 – June 30.
  • After completing the exam, the score can be viewed by the Fellow and the Program Administrator(s). Scores are shown by competency area, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for further development. Individual scores are seen only by the examinee and their administrator(s).
  • After July 18 Program Directors can view each of their fellows's scores and the composite score for their program compared to the national average. 


The In-Service Training Exam for CCEP Fellows consists of 100 questions that will assess your level of progress through the EP curriculum following your first year of training, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for further development.  This assessment is part of a suite of resources provided by the Heart Rhythm Society to enable fellows to enter the field fully prepared.

  • Click on "View Content" in the activity steps on the left to access the exam
  • Complete the exam at your own pace between May 30 and June 30
  • Your score will be broken down by completency area as outlined in the ABIM certification exam blueprint. After July 18 you will be able to see your score complared to the national average.  Your individual score can only be seen by you and your administrator(s).

Target Audience

*This exam is intended specifically for EP Fellows who have completed year one of training. Data from exam results will be used to evaluate program strengths and opportunities for improvement, and for that reason, the pool of examinees should consist only of EP trainees.  If you have been invited to take this exam and you are not a rising second year Fellow, please notify Laurel Blaydes at so we can remove your score when calculating the national average for rising second year Fellows. 

Advisory Group

Chair: Dr. Usha B. Tedrow, MD, MS, FHRS
Director, Clinical Cardiac EP
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Cardiology

Dr. Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD, FHRS
Kontos Professor of Medicine
Chair, Division of Cardiology
Virginia Commonwealth University Pauley Heart Center
Medical College of Virginia/VCU School of Medicine

Dr. Jose A Joglar, MD, FHRS
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas


The Heart Rhythm Society would like to acknowledge the work of the following  Question Writers and thank them for the contribution of their time and expertise:

Dominic J Abrams MBBS, MD
Michael J Ackerman MD, PhD
Mehran M Attari MD, FHRS
Nitish Badhwar MBBS, FHRS
Chirag R Barbhaiya MD, FHRS
Ronald D. Berger MD, PhD, FHRS
Peng-Sheng Chen MD, FHRS
Jim W Cheung MD, FHRS
James P Daubert MD, FHRS
John P DiMarco MD, PhD, FHRS
Sanjay Dixit MD, FHRS
Harish Doppalapudi MD, FHRS
John D Fisher MD, FHRS, CCDS
Fermin C Garcia MD
Reginald T Ho MD, FHRS
Henry H Hsia MD
Roy M John MD, PhD, FHRS, CCDS
Suraj Kapa MD, FHRS
Andre G. Kleber
Jacob S Koruth MD
Andrew D. Krahn MD, FHRS
Daniel B Kramer MD, MPH
Saurabh Kumar MD, PhD
Miguel A Leal MD, FHRS
Ciorsti MacIntyre MD
Joseph E Marine MD, FHRS
Pamela K Mason MD, FHRS
Melanie Maytin MD, FHRS
J. Paul Mounsey MBChB, PhD
Ratika Parkash MD, MS, FHRS
Jonathan P Piccini MD, MHS, FHRS
Lynda E Rosenfeld MD, FHRS
Pasquale Santangeli MD
Albert Y Sun MD
Gregory E Supple MD, FHRS
John K. Triedman MD, FHRS, CEPS-P
Wendy S Tzou MD, FHRS

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