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Imaging Technologies Applied to the EP Lab

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Release Date: 3/1/2016

Expiration Date: 3/1/2019

  • Participation - no CE credit: 2.5


This learning pathway focuses on the utility of imaging technologies applied to the EP lab. Presentations provide useful tips for the use of intracardiac echography (ICE) to guide catheter ablation procedures (from basics of ICE imaging to more advanced tips on the use of ICE to guide complex ablation procedures). The utility of pre-procedural MRI to predict success of AF ablation as well as to guide AF ablation strategies is also discussed. This activity is complimentary.

The presentations are:

Utility of Pre-Procedural MRI Prior to Initial and Repeat AF Ablations (<22 minutes)
An overview of the role of MRI in assessing pre-ablation fibrosis and post-ablation atrial scar

Atrial MRI: The Impact on Techniques and Clinical Outcomes (<23 minutes)
A focus on the technical issues in obtaining a good artial MRI and the steps involved in processing atrial MRIs and the signal to noise ratio for pre- and post-ablations MRIs.

MRI Imaging of Scar: Is There Clinical Value? (<15 minutes)
(as presented at the 2015 AF Summit)

Debate Session :Protagonist and Antagonist (<38 minutes) 
This House Believes That Current Imaging Technologies Can Reliably Detect Artial Fibrosis
(as presented at HR2015)

How to Use ICE to Guide AF and VT/PVC Ablation (<90 minutes)
This session will review the use of ICE during catheter ablation procedures to manage atrial and ventricular arrhythmias.


*CME/CE is NOT available for this activity


Mark D. O'Neill, MB, BCh, BAO, DPhil, FHRS
St. Thomas' Hospital & King's College London
London, United Kingdom

Ravi Ranjan, MD, PhD, FHRS
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Nassir F. Marrouche, MD, FHRS
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT- 

Oussama M. Wazni, MD, FHRS
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Thomas C. Crawford, MD, FHRS
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Frank M. Bogun, MD
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Mathew D. Hutchinson, MD, FHRS
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA